Air Duct Cleaning Skokie

It could be said that there is no such thing as absolute truth.  This will depend on what school of philosophy you believe in.  For instance, are you a believer in authoritative absolution, or religious thought?  In the end, it doesn’tt truly matter.  What matters is what effects you now.  What matters is what effects your health and your well-being.

Not many people know that average life expectancy is increasing on a yearly basis.  These are very positive changes.  What is causing them?  For one, people are becoming better equipped with the knowledge on how to live a better life.  Secondly, medicine and technology have grown substantially in the last twenty years, creating better ways to become happy and healthy.  

As technology and medicine advances, more information is being understood about the different health risks that exist today; to put it another way, new health risks are becoming known on daily basis.  Many people will tell you that ignorance is bliss.  Sure, but what happens when this ignorance is left bare?  What happens when the truth comes out?   When it comes to healthy living, no one should say no to learning as much as they possibly can.  One of the best ways to maintain a healthy life is through a clean environment.

It used to be that not many doctors could convince patients that living t with clean air was better than living with poor air.  They still believed it - it made logical sense - but couldn’t find any evidence to back up their claims.  However, with the increased ability to test air quality these claims now have tangible evidence to back them up.  In general,  clean air does equate to a better and healthier life.  It does allow you to breathe more freely. 

For the intent and purpose of air duct cleaning, Skokie residents understand the importance of clean air.  For example, allergies that are caused by inefficient and faulty ventilation systems are impacting the health care systems financially by close to eighteen billion dollars.  The incredible thing about this statistic is that it could be reduced dramatically if people pursued air duct cleaning on an annual basis.  This means that for a long periods of time people have been experiencing poor air quality and have remained oblivious to the understanding that such health concerned can be fixed.  What is the solution?  Air duct cleaning Skokie.  The cleaning of air ducts is such an easy and efficient process that no one should be living with ‘dirty ducts‘.

Causes of Dirty Ducts:

There are numerous different situations wherein people should pursue air duct cleaning.  Skokie residents understand the majority of these situations.  However, with new research comes more in-depth understanding on the roots of the causes.  The following situations are the most common causes of dirty ducts:

Mould:   Mould detection isnt as easy as you think.  Many sections of your ventilation system won’t be accessible.  If this is the case then you may want to ask your ventilation provider to take a more detailed look.   Furthermore, what kind of conditions do you live in?  If you live in a wet environment then you may want to think of changing that first before any cleaning.  Generally, mould thrives in wet environments.

Animals:  Sometimes rodents or insects will take up residence in a ventilation system.    Unfortunately, this means that they do everything that a living organism has to do to survive.   In other words, they likely defecate there, too.
Dust:  The most common cause for the need of air duct cleaning Skokie is dust.  Excessive amounts of dust will clog the air ducts.  Worse yet, such clogging will actually cause your ventilation system to blow more dust into your air.

Water: Mould and water come hand in hand -  water in your air ducts may result in mould growth.  Remember, your water problems have to be solved first.  If not,  then cleaning the ducts will prove useless, because the mould will just grow back afterwards.

Imagine the following scenario.  Your doctor tells you that you are breathing in poor air.  This air, he says, is full of detrimental pollutants.  He tells you that you need to work and live in a place with cleaner air. So, what do you do?   The first thing you do is you find the source of the bad air.   Over half of Sick Building Syndrome, a consequence of bad air, is caused by deficiency in the ventilation system.  Air duct cleaning Skokie is one of the best ways to clean out ventilation systems in an efficient manner.  In fact, the entire process is so easy it has many people asking why poor air quality exist in the first place?

Air Duct Cleaning Skokie makes cleaning out your air ducts so easy and efficient you will never put it off again. With our fast and professional service you can be sure that you and your family are breathing clean and pure air. Without mould, dust or animal excrement.
Breathing clean air means better health and quality of life. It is because of dirty air ducts that Sick Building Syndrome has become a recognised medical term for the poor health effects of bad quality air.

If you have noticed an increase in headaches, allergies, poor health or blocked sinuses you are probably suffering from sick building syndrome.
Air Duct Cleaning Skokie can ensure the quality air and good health of those living and working in your building. We guarantee that you will notice the difference in the freshness of the air you breath after we have done our job.

What We Offer

We specialise in cleaning the air ducts and dry vents of both residential and commercial properties. No job is too big or too small.
We begin the cleaning process with an intensive inspection of the air duct system – picking up easily missed problems like mould or other biological contaminants. Wet environments have a high rate of mould in air ducts and this often grows in areas of the ventilation system that is not easily accesible. Air Duct Cleaning Skokie will ensure the entire ventilation system is checked to make your air is mould free.

Vent covers and the air returns are removed and the surfaces thoroughly cleaned. With brushes designed especially for the job all contaminants and dust in the system is carefully cleaned out. If we feel it necessary and have your permission the furnace and furnace coils and blower will also be cleaned out. Finally the system is sanitized and deodorized.
All our work is done in consultation with you. We will not hand you a bill for services you did not ask for or did not need.

Friendly and Professional Service

We pride ourselves on providing a service that is both professional and friendly. This is why our clients consistently come back to us year after year. You can be rest assured that your air ducts will be carefully examined in the pre-cleaning inspection, this ensures that no problem areas are missed and cause you trouble later in the year.
Our good quality guarantee at Skokie means that every client is treated as our number one. We believe the key to a successful business is great relationships and happy clients.

Why Clean Your Air Ducts

It is impossible to be at an optimum level of health when you are breathing in old dust, pollen and other pollutants on a daily basis, be it in the home or in the office. Animals like rodents or insects
can get into the air ducts and live there. The consequences of this is that all the hair, flakes, and
other pollutants on a daily basis, be it in the home or in the office. Animals like rodents or insects can get into the air ducts and live there. The consequences of this is that all the hair, flakes, and
other excrements blow out of the ducts and into the air that you breath.

Mould is a major source of indoor air pollution, especially in wet environments. As mould clogs up the air ducts the spores can trigger or exacerbate allergy and disease.
Pollen and dust also collect, with negative health consequences for the building inhabitants. As well as the negative health aspects clogged ducts means that the ventilation system needs to work harder to push air through – which in turn pushes up those electricity bills. Cleaning out air ducts means an immediate improvement of air flow through the home

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning Services

The benefits of cleaning your air ducts are immediately noticeable. There will be less dusting and cleaning to do around the home or office as there is no longer dust being blasted into every room. The building inhabitants will breathe fresh air again, with positive physical impact. Allergy and sinus problems will improve or even disappear completely as dust mites are eradicated. Finally cost of electricity will drop as air can be ventilated freely through the system

Why Air Duct Cleaning Skokie is a cut above the rest.

Our years of experience in the air duct and dry vent cleaning business means we know what we are dealing with, we have seen it all before. Our friendly and well trained employees take pride in their jobs. We recognise that we are not just providing a service, but actively improving the quality of life for our clients. Dirty air ducts are more then just an inconvenience, they are outright dangerous. An inefficient air duct and dry vent cleaner is putting people's health at risk. At Air Duct Cleaning Skokie, that is simply not acceptable. This is why you will find our services a cut above the rest.